another win32 gui frontend for gnupg

Kai Raven
Mon Feb 26 00:09:05 2001

Hello Karol,

On 25.02.2001 [Time:13:05]  you wrote:

>gnupgshell @ works very well now and is at version
No, it is at version 1.52.
>it serves as a replacement for pgptools, pgpkeys, pgptray. works
>quite well and i wouldn't be using gnupg instead of pgp if it wasn't for
I agree, it is a very good tool
>for some reason, it's not listed in
I don't know why. Ciao Kai -- PGP/GPG [RSA]: 2048-bit Key-ID: 0x7B251671 Homepage: GPG&GnuPGshellinfos: