gnupg won't compile on Mac OS X

Lars Hecking
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 18:13:48 +0000

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> As a test, I tried running make with rather than the blank Makefile. This mostly worked, but on line 182 it comes back with:
> localhost% make -f
> *** missing separator. Stop.
Even if it could be compiled with, all internal path and file names would be wrong.
> I should also note that it is just mainly GNU software that won't compile, so if there is something related to all GNU software's make process, maybe this is the problem. There must be some way around it, though, since Apple included plenty of GNU tools for use with the command line.
I would suggest you try GNU make and GNU sed.
> Oh, one more thing. When running the previously mentioned logging of what ./configure does, I noticed this line related to sed:
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