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Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:44:04 -0500


I did this recently, so I'll add my limited insight.  

I believe all the full versions of Outlook (including 2K) have an 
option to export mail, including going to standard Unix mail.  
Outlook Express lacks this functionality, so different approaches are 

Of the other e-mail packages avaialable Eudora seems to do the best 
job of converting from pst.  I believe it's the only one that even 
has the option.  Actually, from the earlier message I guess Netscape 
will attempt it as well.

Another option is to do a "select all" and drag and drop all your 
messages to a folder outside of Outlook (all versions, including OE). 
 This will give a folder full of plain text .eml files that should be 
easy enough to import into darn near anything.  Someone who's handy 
with perl (or any other scripting language) shouldn't have too much 
trouble converting all those text files into standard mailbox format. 
 I'm not sure what this method will do to attachments.  I'd try to 
take care of those indivdually if you can, no matter what method you 

Back to my regularly scheduled lurking...

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:07:14 -0500, Anthony E . Greene wrote:

>>* By chance, is someone aware of a software that converts Outlook
2000 .pst
>>files for use with a good Linux X-Window mail client (unfortunately
>>4 and 6 crashes because my over-300MB-pst file seems to be to
>I'd like to kow the answer to that myself. I've never used mailers
that use
>proprietary file formats for personal mail, but I'd be interested to
know so
>I can help other folks get out when they finally decide to abandon
>mail clients.
>Welcome to the world of proprietary file formats.
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