Configure Failed need red hat install help

Florian Weimer Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
Thu Jan 25 17:32:01 2001

Cindy Walsh <> writes:

> > > ls -l /dev/nu*
> > > crw-r--r-- 1 root root 1, 3 May 5 1998 /dev/null
> >
> > You have to ask your system administrator to make /dev/null
> > world-writable. Otherwise, many programs simply won't work.
> They have denied the request. Since I have several hosts placed with that
> company, moving them now is not an option.
That's astonishingly incompetent.
> Is there any on-line documentation specifying the parameters I must
> configure, and the gcc compiler options that I must provide in order to
> manually compile and install gnupg?
Do yourself a favor and compile GnuPG on another machine---and link it statically, if the hosting company's admins don't provide reasonable libraries. :-/