Signing multiple files

Thu Jan 25 18:53:02 2001

>>>>> "GS" == George Sinclair <> writes:
GS> If I don't want to have to enter the password a zillion times GS> when signing every file in a given directory, I would be GS> forced to use something like Expect or possibly write a Perl GS> script using the Expect module, or some such thing. Is there GS> another easier way? You probably want to look into using the --passphrase-fd option (check the man page for details). HOWEVER, note that there are all kinds of security problems with doing this. GS> Also, how can I safely pass the passphrase into the script? GS> There appears to be a dearth of information surrounding the GS> subject of multiple files, batch mode etc. in the GS> documentation. For such an important issue, the available GS> solutions and or available information just seems terse or GS> abstruse. Life's harsh sometimes. Once you figure it out, why don't you write up a summary and publish it on the Web, or submit it to the FAQ? ~ESP -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESP <> | "Fan belts break at 3AM. I get mad, drinks get spilled." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~