Configure Failed need red hat install help

Cindy Walsh
Sun Jan 28 03:24:01 2001

Florian Weimer wrote:

> Cindy Walsh <> writes:
> > > checking whether build environment is sane... ./configure: /bin/sleep: Permission denied
> Okay, you don't have a full UNIX-like environment on this machine, so
> please forget about compiling GnuPG on it -- build GnuPG on another
> (compatible) one and upload it.
I agree - unfortunately, I do not have another Red Hat Linux available to compile the code, and upload to this machine. I tried to access the RPM system, but do not have permission to run it. Do you know of a compiled GnuPG for an i386 Red Hat Linux system? Thanks for all the time and the suggestions made by all - Although I hate giving up on a system, I agree that this one is just too unreasonable, and I will just be wasting time trying to fit a GnuPG compile into it.