Configure Failed need red hat install help

Florian Weimer
Sun Jan 28 09:10:00 2001

"David R. Bergstein" <> writes:

> > Do you know of a compiled GnuPG for an i386 Red Hat Linux system?

> RedHat has a copy on their ftp servers.
You also need the following Perl script to extract the cpio archive from the RPM (which needs gzip, and you need (GNU) cpio to extract the gpg binary, see the cpio manpage/info file): #!/usr/bin/perl # rpm2cpio minimal implementation # Copyright (C) 1999 Florian Weimer <>. # Released under the GNU General Public License. undef $/; $_ = <>; if (/(\037\213\010.*)/s) { open (STDOUT, "| gunzip") or die; print $1; } else { die "$0: gzip signature not found\n"; }