deleteion of a key

Matthew Cline
Mon Jul 2 10:28:01 2001

On Monday 02 July 2001 01:17 am, wrote:

> Hi!
> I like to delete my own keys (never have been used). How can I do that?=
> checked the docs I am confused, I found a lot about deletion of subkey=
> and expiration but what if I just want to get completely rid of a key?
To delete your key from your keyring, do: =09gpg --delete-secret-and-public-key name If you are on UNIX, you can also just delete the ~/.gnupg directory. If you've sent your public key to a public key server, then it's a bit mo= re=20 complicated. You can just leave it there, of course, but to tidy things = up,=20 you should create a revocation certification for your key, import that=20 certificate, then send the revoked key to the public key server: =09gpg -o revoke.txt --gen-revoke name =09gpg --import revoke.txt =09gpg --keyserver server --send-keys name --=20 Matthew Cline | Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose that | you were a member of Congress. But I repeat | myself. -- Mark Twain