Netscape Certificates, RSA Keys, and GPG?

Justin Wienckowski
Mon Jul 2 17:43:02 2001

Just want to convert the keys so GPG/PGP could be used to digitally sign =
various documents.

I can even extract the private and public keys from the certificate into a =
PEM-style (ascii armored) text block.  The trouble is this block doesn't =
conform to the OpenPGP message format standard.

So it looks like the challenge now is how do I extract the numerical =
portions of the key (E, N, and D) from the RSA message and repackage it as =
an OpenPGP message....if that's even possible.


>>> Florian Weimer <> 06/30/01 01:54PM >>>
"Justin Wienckowski" <> writes:
> Any suggestions for how to import these RSA keys into gpg (highly
> preferred) or pgp? I'm not even quite sure what problems I"m
> running into, as I'm not intimately familiar with the PEM message
> format that gpg/pgp are attempting to parse.
Do you want to convert only the keys, or also the certificates? _______________________________________________ Gnupg-users mailing list