Upgrading GnuPG

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel@mamane.lu
Thu Jul 5 19:35:02 2001

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 12:16:37PM -0500, Erich Kolb wrote:

> I have a machine that is running an old version of GnuPG (v1.02).
> Can I 'make install' over the existing version without conflict?
You can, but beware: If the 1.02 version was installed by a packaging system (RPM or DEB for example), "make install" won't overwrite the old one if you don't beware the various --prefix options you give to configure. Besides: * WARNING: Corrected hash calculation for input data larger than 512M - it was just wrong, so you might notice bad signature in some very big files. It may be wise to keep an old copy of GnuPG around. (straight from the NEWS file, btw. Haven't you received it with the source you have?)
> Or will I have to regenerate new keys and re-import keyrings in
> order to upgrade?
No. -- Lionel Elie Mamane RFC 1991 (PGP 2.x) 2048 bits Key Fingerprint (KeyID: 20C897E9): 85CF 986F 263E 8CD0 80FD 4B8C F5F9 C17D OpenPGP DH/DSS 4096/1024 Key Fingerprint (KeyID: 3E7B4B73): 9DAD 3131 3ADA F50B D096 002A B1C4 7317 3E7B 4B73