--textmode again.

Leif E. Olson lolson@lynx.nisc.cc
Thu Jul 5 19:44:01 2001

We recentently converted all of our UNIX and DOS scripts to use gpg
instead of pgp.  We always used the -t (textmode) option in pgp and
never had any problems.  Now when we use --textmode with gpg we are
running into a couple.  It seems that pgp was smart enough not to try to
do any textmode translations if the file was binary where as gpg does
and will mess up things such as tar files if we leave text mode on.  We
use the same set of scripts for encrypting then sending or receiving
then decrypting various binary and text files between our many UNIX and
DOS ftp servers.  Also we use it for encrypting fixed line length files
and gpg seems to mess with the white space in textmode whereas pgp did
not.  Is there any way to make gpg's textmode act like pgp's?

Leif E. Olson
National Information
Solutions Cooperative