Newbie Question: PLEASE HELP !!!
Fri Jul 6 03:22:01 2001

Sorry, I don't really understand about your question. The answer of yours
that I have gave to you as last reply as below. BTW, if the original file is
in binary format that you can't decrypt it into a text file.

Or, your question is about encryption? If my guess is right, the command
should like this:

For more information, you need to read or use gpg --help.

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Thanks for your help.... 
I have one more question, if I need to decrypt the pgp file to the text file
with the passphase, is there any command line can do it ? 

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gpg -d filename.pgp > output_filename 
gpg -d --output output_filename filename.pgp 
Both of them can write the decrypted message to the file of OUTPUT_FILENAME 
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I would like to decrypt a file into a text file with the passphase. What 
command line I can use ? 
I try - gpg -d <filename.pgp> but it will show all the can I 
write the data into a text file ? 
Thanks !! 
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