Need documentation help

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Fri Jul 6 20:37:01 2001

Hi Rick,

A good document to start with is
This speaks in general of open source apps, and could help you.

Remember opensource does not always mean freeware. Also read the license (not
all open source is GNU based).

There's no "lack of support" in GNUPG, maybe only "less support" since it is
mostly voluntary (from what I see generally this applies to open source). But
maybe throw in the U$1500/yr. that NAI charges for support of PGP and you
might just get better support altogether. It is an act of faith, and as
explained in the document, other considerations apply.

By all means let us know what this results in.

Take care,
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I am trying to get GPG approved for use in our corporate network.  However the
general reluctance to use free-ware open source has come up.  I have been
asked to provide a white-paper or some other document showing that for the
features implemented GPG is true and faithful to the openPGP standard.
I have a document from our PGP rep which highlights the lack of support
inherent in open source.  The only functionality missing (according to the PGP
document) is stuff PGP added above and beyond the openPGP spec.
Can anyone point to anything written by someone I can take to my management?
Rick DuVall