(cosmetic?) bug in 1.0.6

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Tue Jul 10 23:20:01 2001


I just stumbled on a bug in 1.0.6.  If you have two keys with similar
uids, and you gpg --edit one of them and do something that needs the
passphrase, gpg may prompt you for the passphrase for another key.

For example, say I had two keypairs - "dshaw key1", and "dshaw key2",
and I wanted to add a subkey to "dshaw key1".  I do "gpg --edit
dshaw", and "addkey".  I am then prompted to type the passphrase for
"dshaw key2", which is wrong.

Note that even though the prompt is for a different key, gnupg still
requires you to type the passphrase for the key you are actually
working with.

The obvious workaround is to specify the key with the hex keyid.


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