effects and incompatibilities between GPG1.0.6 and PGP CKT 0

Graham graham.todd@ntlworld.com
Wed Jul 11 09:41:01 2001

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Hi there, Len Sassaman,

On 10 July 2001, I received the following message from you regarding
"effects and incompatibilities between GPG1.0.6 and PGP CKT 0"

> What's this "invite him into the working group" nonsense? There's no
> invitation" necessary. Imad has chosen not to particpate.
Has he? Does he know he can? Has anybody been in contact with him? Or is it assumed since he is not participating he has CHOSEN not to; it might be that that he doesn't realise he can. There again, with what I have seen in reponse to his CKT builds in this group, he might have a point. I would MUCH rather go with NAI PGP if a)my mailer can support it (I use VR software, since I am disabled, and need this compatibility) b)if it didn't incude a firewall, c)it was compatible with PGP 7.x.x and d)it was free. But NAI have so far not issued the SDK to allow third party coders to write plug-ins for mailers. Therefore I am forced to use PGP 6.5.8, (which NAI no longer support) and the most secure version of that is PGP 6.5.8ckt Build 6. Until NAI get their act together, I shall continue to use it. - -- Graham <graham.todd@ntlworld.com> Please use my PGP/GnuPG Key ID: 0xE935DB9D Written on 11 July 2001 08:26:44 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (MingW32) Comment: Powered By Becky!2 iD8DBQE7TAKmIwtBZOk1250RAiRzAKCSEkYr7g9tS2ydakRgAkwFj2HmQgCg0IbE w7JRvwmeU7XX1TSNtM+L1ME= =77BV -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----