effects and incompatibilities between GPG1.0.6 and PGP CKT 0

Kai Raven kai.raven@t-online.de
Wed Jul 11 21:09:01 2001

Hello Michael,

On 11.07.2001 [03:50 h] you wrote:

> Then I guess HE assumes any and all consequences of any and all
> incompatibities that HE creates between his version and all other versions.
> His choice. Sounds like a good damn reason to avoid the CKT versions
> at all cost. Sounds like there is no hope of current or future compatibity
> with existing versions or standards.
I don't know something about the WG thing, i only think, it would be better for a programmer (Imad or any other person, who is involved in PGP programming) to participate in any form (eg the mailinglist). But i know, he is aware of the problems and as i know him, he will do something against the problems in a positive way for the compatibilty between CKT-PGP-GPG. And this is imo important, because more and more people will be changing from PGP to GnuPG or CKT - take a look at the PGP NG's. Ciao Kai -- Homepage: http://beam.to/raven GPG&GnuPGshellinfos: http://home.nexgo.de/kraven/pgp/pgp02aa.html