Re(2): How to use those *.mo files?

NirinaMichel Ratoandromanana/DF
Wed Jul 18 09:32:01 2001

That's fine but is there no way to do that on the command line? 

>They are, here is what README.W32 has to say about it:
> Internationalization support:
> -----------------------------
> 1. Decide where to store the translation files for your language.
> Here we assume the directory "c:/gnu/locale/fr"
> 2. Set the directory with the translations into the Registry under the
> \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mingw32\NLS\MODir
> (Example entry: "c:/gnu/locale/fr")
> 3. Select which language to use and copy the currect translation file
> under the name "" into the directory set in step 2
> (Example: "copy c:\gnu\locale\fr\")
> 4. Done.