languages / .MO files
Wed Jul 18 13:10:02 2001

I have a question about MO file. How to transfer PO (or POT) file to MO?

Sorry! I'm new on this field.

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To make gnupg speak your language, create a "GPGmo1.reg"
file containing the following text, verbatim:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mingw32\NLS]
# Save this to "GPGmo1.reg". You must select your
# own *.mo file and save it as "" in the
# directory shown above. You can set the MODir to
# be c:/gnupg, c:/gnupg/locale, or the standard
# c:/gnu/locale/fr (use your own language code).
# To activate: doubleclick on GPGmo1.reg.
# To disable: remove or rename
# To make changes: rightclick on gpgmo1.reg;
# select 'Edit'.

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