How to use "--print-md *"

Frank Derichsweiler
Wed Jul 18 13:16:01 2001

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 06:09:48PM +0800, wrote:

> I don't know why that the option --print-md can not use * for all
> algorithms.
> Is I used wrong method? Or I misunderstand about this option?
I assume that you have to escape the * from the expansions performed by your shell, e.g. put it like gpg --print-md "*" Filename For me that works fine and I get Filename: MD5 = B7 EB 1C 8B 30 81 8C BD 0F D9 98 28 13 B6 A9 A2 Filename: SHA1 = E15F 068F 105D 9E0B 6700 C71E 5F21 4E47 B6D7 C164 Filename: RMD160 = 5B5D DBF5 7420 6D06 D429 BAEC EF77 4969 9BC7 97FC HTH Frank