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Marck D Pearlstone
Wed Jul 18 19:01:01 2001

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Hi Benz,

On 18 July 2001 at  08:38:56 -0700 (which was 16:38 where I live)
Benz Jessica-p53552 wrote to '' and made these

BJp> I am having problems sending to and/or receiving from a keyserver
BJp> I have set up. PGP works with it, and I have no problems sending
BJp> or receiving with it. Here is the error I receive when trying to
BJp> send a key:
BJp> gpg: write failed: ec=87
BJp> gpg: can't connect to `mykeyserveripaddr: No such file or directory
BJp> Please help!

This is a reported bug in GnuPG which remains unfixed and relates to
the use of GnuPG on Win2k. I have also reported this problem and even
taken the time to capture and submit a TCP log trace to be told "No, I
don't carry a Windows box with me around ;-)" when asking about a
possible fix for it :-(.

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