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Allie Martin
Wed Jul 18 21:54:01 2001

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Hey Marck,
While perusing my mail at 2:43 PM (18/7/01), I saw your message sent on
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:55:39 +0100:

MDP> This is a reported bug in GnuPG which remains unfixed and relates to
MDP> the use of GnuPG on Win2k. I have also reported this problem and even
MDP> taken the time to capture and submit a TCP log trace to be told "No, I
MDP> don't carry a Windows box with me around ;-)" when asking about a
MDP> possible fix for it :-(.

I wish this would be fixed as well.

I have been thinking of making a suggestion and think now would be a good
time. I've noticed that once you choose to import a key there's no way of
inspecting the key prior to importing such as the UID's and exportable
signatures associated. Also, there's no way of verifying a clearsigned
message without importing the public key of the sender. There are many
times I wish to verify a message from someone whom I don't frequently
receive messages. It may be the only message that I receive from the
particular sender. To verify the signature I have to first import the key
and then verify the signature. This is recipe for a very cluttered local
public keyring. What makes matters worse is the problem/bug with GnuPG
connecting to keyservers when running in win2k.
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