Imad R. Faiad's opinion about GnuPG

Wed Jul 18 19:13:02 2001

Last week, there was on this mailing-list a thread about the "CKT" PGP=20
Windoze versions done by Imad R=2E Faiad=2E

For your info, Imad has given his opinion about GnuPG in the newsgroup=20
comp=2Esecurity=2Epgp=2Ediscuss (thread "Moved from 2=2E63i to PGP6", messag=
es dated=20
July 9 and next days, see http://www=2Edeja=2Ecom)=2E

In few words, he says : "Do not use GnuPG in a production environment"=20
(written in CAPS), GPL is a theft of the standards and intellectual=20
properties, and finaly=2E=2E=2E GnuPG is "snake oil" ;-)


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