Mon Jul 23 15:21:01 2001

Graham a =E9crit :

> Went there, d/l over a hundred messages, some from Imad, but I
> couldn't find any "latest criticisms"=2E Could you send me the messages
> so I can read them for myself?
It is in news:comp=2Esecurity=2Epgp=2Ediscuss http://groups=2Egoogle=2Ecom/groups?hl=3Dfr&safe=3Doff&th=3D5cfdc5543503a339= ,65&seekm=3D9j4aip%24nm3%241%40perki=2Econnect=2Ecom=2Eau#p Search done with : "Moved from 2=2E63i to PGP6" in http://groups=2Egoogle=2Ecom/ pplf