Word wrap/Text format?

Claus Soerensen cs@oersted.dtu.dk
Fri Jul 27 17:35:01 2001

On Sat Jul 14 02:44:01 2001 Dr. Scott R. Senay  drsenay@conceptech.com=20

> When I send a message FROM Linux TO Windows however things get a bits=20
> trange ONLY when I send encrypted messages, simply signing it doesn't=20
> screw things up. However when I encrypt messages, all the CRLF pairs=20
> get turned into black verticle bars and the message is a pure mess...=20
It's because the file from Linux is in a unix format where you only use=20 one control character to change lines. Use the unix2dos command before encrypting the text file or find a=20 Microsoft texteditor which support opening Unix files and saving them=20 as dos files. Notetab Pro is one of them. The most enjoyable greetings --=20 Claus S=F8rensen Electromagnetic Systems Phone: +45 45 88 14 4= 4 Systemadministrator =D8rsted * DTU Fax: +45 45 93 16 3= 4 cs@oersted.dtu.dk =D8rsted Plads 348 Web: www.emi.dtu.d= k +45 45 25 38 44 DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark info-emi@oersted.dtu.dk