gnupg-Outlook plugin released

Kai Raven
Mon Jul 30 19:13:01 2001

Hello Toxik,

On 30.07.2001 [16:29 h] you wrote:

> Some impressions:
> - Unability to uninstall it completely
> - No clear indication at install time of the use of GPA
> (
> - Under *my* install of Win98, crashed often and took a long time to display
And on my system: text are never signed text with an attachment: only the attachment is signed
> However, people at GData reply to any request for information.
Yes? I have sent them a bug report - no response It is a horrible piece of bullshit-software. Imo it is a shame to release such a... But the idea is good. Ciao Kai -- Homepage: German GPG&GnuPG tutorial: