gnupg-Outlook plugin released

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Mon Jul 30 16:31:01 2001


What is new in this release ? I see the site indicates a date of june 18 for
the last release. I spent LOTS of time playing with this plugin, I had to
translate most of the files/dialogs using Babelfish and help from some
friends. As much as I'd like to contribute to it, I need more reasons to take
german classes :)

Some impressions:
- Unability to uninstall it completely
- No clear indication at install time of the use of GPA
- Under *my* install of Win98, crashed often and took a long time to display

I found WinPT ( to be more difficult to install, but it sure
works and I can easily contribute to the project.

However, people at GData reply to any request for information.

Others ?

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