some questions

Konstantin Sorokin
Sat Jun 2 11:01:01 2001

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I am a sort of newbie and want some advise from experience GnuPG users.

1) The thing I would like to know in first place is how can I=20
access to keyservers through firewall. I add to .gnupg/options=20
address of keyserver and also add honor-http-proxy, but thing still
doesn't work. I use mutt as a MUA ant it can verify signature
of mail automaticaly by invoking pgp, but as far it can't accsess
to keyserver veryfication always fails ;-(

2) What about using GnuPg and pgp togather? Will there be any

Please CC me your answers becouse I am not subscribed to mail-list.


WBR, Konstantin V. Sorokin
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