some questions

Brian M. Carlson
Sat Jun 2 21:26:01 2001

On Saturday 02 June 2001 08:59, Konstantin Sorokin wrote:

> 1) The thing I would like to know in first place is how can I
> access to keyservers through firewall. I add to .gnupg/options
> address of keyserver and also add honor-http-proxy, but thing still
> doesn't work. I use mutt as a MUA ant it can verify signature
> of mail automaticaly by invoking pgp, but as far it can't accsess
> to keyserver veryfication always fails ;-(
At the command prompt, type "set", where is the name of your proxy. Set mutt to use gpg for signing, verifying, encrypting, etc. The Mutt HOWTO is here: <>. It was written for Linux, but it's pretty much the same for all platforms. *If and only if your keyserver still doesn't work*, try a line like "keyserver x-broken-hkp://". You must have the port and the "x-broken-hkp://". This tells gpg that you probably have a broken proxy.
> 2) What about using GnuPg and pgp togather? Will there be any
> problems?
I'd just suggest using gpg. If you want compatibility with PGP, set the force-v3-sigs and escape-from-lines options and unset the openpgp option in your options file. These disable full OpenPGP compatibility, however. -- Brian M. Carlson OpenPGP: 0xDCA1913A <>