problem with PGP 7 public key

Brian M. Carlson
Sat Jun 2 21:28:01 2001

On Saturday 02 June 2001 18:44, Toni Andjelkovic wrote:

> i'm using the options
> force-v3-sigs
> compress-algo 1
> cipher-algo cast5
> rfc1991
You're correct about all but one of the options. rfc1991 turns off most compatibility with PGP versions of 5.x or above. You should turn it off. gpg will do the Right Thing when it encounters a v3 key, but this is a v4 RSA key, and it works fine on 1.0.6 without rfc1991 and with openpgp. I don't think openpgp is required, though. -- Brian M. Carlson OpenPGP: 0xDCA1913A <>