problem with PGP 7 public key

Toni Andjelkovic
Sun Jun 3 02:47:02 2001

Brian M. Carlson wrote on Sat, Jun 02 2001 (19:26:14 +0000):

> You're correct about all but one of the options. rfc1991 turns off most
> compatibility with PGP versions of 5.x or above. You should turn it off. gpg
> will do the Right Thing when it encounters a v3 key, but this is a v4 RSA
> key, and it works fine on 1.0.6 without rfc1991 and with openpgp. I don't
> think openpgp is required, though.
i tried various option combinations (openpgp, rfc1991), but still i can't import or list the public key. what did you try to find out that it was a v4 RSA key? all i get is $ gpg --import key gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: Total number processed: 0 gpg lists RSA as a supported pubkey algorithm. my options file: no-greeting default-key 95579F92 escape-from-lines lock-once honor-http-proxy force-v3-sigs compress-algo 1 cipher-algo cast5 no-secmem-warning thanks, -- Toni Andjelkovic <>