GNUpg 1.0.6

Richard Ibbotson
Sat Jun 9 12:53:01 2001


> > I have tried to set the default key in order to get GNUpg to
> > decrypt so that I can read mail.
> how did you set the default key ; by editing the 'options' file ?
No, where's the options file in SuSE 7.1 ?
> > that GNUpg immediately asks me to "Go ahead and type your
> > message..... ".
> that is what you get when you run 'gpg' without any
> commands/options.
Yes, but... if I type ' gpp --default-key' it=20 just asks me to go ahead and type my message.
> you would have to set the key in your e-mail program or do it
> yourself in the 'options' file.
I use Kmail although I prefer Pine. Tried the options in Kmail for=20 version 1.2 and can't get it to work.
> you could save the message as a text-file and then run 'gpg
> --import <file>' to see if that works.
No, didn't like that either :( Thanks --=20 Richard