sending public key to key server

Stephan Reichenbach
Mon Jun 11 12:52:01 2001


I have tried sending a public key to a key server using gpg 1.06 
unter linux.

sending with

gpg --keyserver name --send-keys username@xy

works fine.,,,

doing the same using windows nt an gpg for win32 (1.06 also)

gpg: write failed: ec=87
gpg: Verbindung zu 'keysserv.xy' kann nicht aufgebaut werden: No 
such file or  directory

says he can not connect the keyserver, but it is present, and also
checks can be made via pgp...

is their a problem with the 1.06 for win32?

Stephan J. Reichenbach
PD KUEN - Technik -

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