Sendmail and GnuPG wrapper

Josep Llauradó Selvas
Mon Jun 11 16:42:02 2001

Hi all,

I have the following scenario:

	ˇ An SMTP / POP3 server
	ˇ A lot of Windows and MacOS clients

Anybody knows about an encription wrapper through GnuPG and Sendmail to allow
the sending and receiving of encrypted/signed messages?

I have read that Baltimore have an encription solution:


That give you the following advantages:
	ˇ The client don't need to install any software
	ˇ The mobile users can take advantage of the encription anywhere
	ˇ The company never loose always can read the mails, and the encription
	don't become a problem to the company itself.

Anybody knows any GPL solution to provide similar functionality with Sendmail
and GnuPG? It's a bad solution? It's good?

I think that the implementation can be easy, but I'm not a hacker of sendmail,
'cos you only need a linux box with sendmail and gpg, and filter the input from
SMTP port to a script, to find the sender and the receiver from the gpg keys
database and then sign, encrypt (if we have private and public keys) or don't
modify the mail message.

The incoming messages can be parsed through the same script to decrypt de mail
or verify the signature, giving the result to the destination user.


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