GPG at comercial web hosting service

Ron Pero
Mon Jun 11 16:52:02 2001

I wish to install GPG at Hiway, a commercial web hosting service that hosts
many sites on the same machine. I would use it to encrypt credit card
information while it is temporarily sitting on the server.

When I asked tech support to install it, this was their reply:
I apologize, but we will not be able to install this program for you.

According to the instructioins found on the site provided [i.e.,]
this script should be installed server wide and should run as root. 

Since we do not allow either of these, we will not be able to install this
program.  We will not compromise the stability or security of the servers
by installing any programs to them, or to allow any scripts to run as root.
 What affects one account, affects all accounts on the server.

So, is it in the cards to have a version of GPG that would make these
people happy? Or are they missing something?

Otherwise, I believe PGP can be installed there.