GPG at comercial web hosting service

Werner Koch
Mon Jun 11 18:03:01 2001

 || On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:55:46 -0400
 || Ron Pero <> wrote: 

 rp> According to the instructioins found on the site provided [i.e.,]
 rp> this script should be installed server wide and should run as root. 

There is no need to install it server wide (what ever this means):

./configure --prefix=/home/foo  && make install

Would install it under the given directory.  Using the setuid() option
does not make sense on a system where you have no control over root.
Well you need a shell account of course.  OTOH, just providing gpg at
/customers/bin/gpg bears no security risk as long as the admins don't
have this directory in their PATH.



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