Miroslav Koncar
Tue Jun 12 09:20:01 2001


just to add a small comment to this: I completely agree with Werner, I've
been working with GPGME on different platforms, and most recently with
Windoze. I've used this aproach: by compiling GPGME to static library,
I'm making my programs as DLLs by staticly linking it to the GPGME
library. I use Cygwin compiler on Windoze, and it works surprisingly
well, considering Windoze overall. DLLs aren't that big, and they are
perfectly stable, since they rely on Cygwin's DLLs.


Werner Koch wrote:

> || On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 21:39:40 -0400
> || "Victor" <> wrote:
> v> Are there plans on making a DLL of GpgME ?
> Well it is easy to create a DLL. It is just that the build process is
> not yet able to handle this autmatically. OTOH, I do not think that
> a DLL makes much sense, given that gpgme is work in progress and DLL
> versioning under Windows is not really working.
> What is the problem with static linking?
> Ciao,
> Werner
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