Newbie questions.

Daniel Knapp
Tue Jun 12 21:37:01 2001

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Hi Caitlin...

1) Since you use Yahoo-Mail, you cannot use an eMail Programm to download the
mail, right? OK, then you don`t have any other choice but to copy and paste the
encrypted message to an textfile (like in notepad)

2)  Same procedure as in 1) Copy-paste-notepad....and then you can import the
key without any problem

3) Yes, copy the whole text into a file and then you can compare the
fingerprints with the fingerprints published on keyservers or you compare it
directly with the owner of the key!

Am Die, 12 Jun 2001 schrieben Sie:

> Hi all.
> I have several questions about gnupg...
> 1). If someone sends an encrypted email to my yahoo mail acct., how do
> I extract it? Do I have to copy and paste ( win32 ) it into a file with
> ( for example ) notepad?
> 2). If someone sends me their public key, how do I extract it yahoo
> mail? Since I am using a service ( no commmand line ) I am not sure.
> 3). I have often seen digital signatures appended to email messages or
> posted on personal web sites. What do I do with these? Extract to a
> file?
> I am using a win32 machine for all encryption / decryption.
> Thanks, Caitlin.
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