need help : problem decrypting with GnuPG-0.09.

Werner Koch
Thu Jun 14 10:27:01 2001

 || On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:37:47 +0100
 || Gerik <> wrote: 

 g> i'm new to gpg and am having problem with my perl script which uses
 g> GnuPG-0.09

What do you mean with GnuPG 0.09 - there has nver been a GnuPG version
with this version number.  seems that it is another software with the
same name.

 g> to decrypt a file encrypted with gpg 1.0.6.

To clarify some things:

gnupg is the name of the software but it installs 2 programs: gpg and gpgv.

 g> "wrong response from gnupg (expected SHM_INFO):"

Seems that there is a problem with this other software.

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