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Daniele Russolillo
Thu Jun 14 17:04:01 2001

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On/Il giorno: Thursday 14 June 2001 16:45, you wrote/hai scritto:

> If anyone else would like to give it a try email me and let me know and
> I'll give them the address of the server where they can download it from.
> [...]
> It'd be really nice if someone could give this a try running Redhat or
> something else. (linux)
Sorry to say I run Linux Mdk7.2 at home, but I'd want to give it a try....will you email me the ftp addr? I want to set put a stable and free environment (i mean not Win... ) for a non profit org of which I'm a volunteer, so I need very light solutions...the machine is old (Pentium 100Mhz) w/only 64MB (they gave it to me for free and I want to use it in this organization...) so I've to pay attention to software...I'm trying Mutt but it takes me a while for mastering the config. files... tnx!
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