Question in regard to decryption using multiple secret keys

Chan, Joe
Fri Jun 8 23:43:01 2001

Hi there,

I have a question/problem that I'm not sure why it is not working.  I've
created multiple secret keys and they are all in my secret key rings.
When I encrypted a file to my default secret key (the very first key
that I generated), I have no problem decrypting it.  However, when I
encrypt a file using one of the other ones, when I tried to decrypt
them, I get an error msg saying that the file cannot be opened.

When I encrypt, I used:

gpg --armor --output o1.gpg --encrypt --recipient <key_name> <filename>

When I decrypt, I'm using:

gpg --output o1.txt --local-user --decrypt o1.gpg

What am I doing wrong ? I'm using the latest version of gpg 1.0.6.

Thanks for any help.

- Joe