HOWTO on interfacing with gnupg/pgp?

Marc Mutz
Sun Jun 17 21:57:01 2001

On Sunday 17 June 2001 20:47, Timo Schulz wrote:

> On Sun Jun 17 2001, Marc Mutz wrote:
> Hi,
> > Is there a howto somewhere that describes how one should go about
> > interfacing (MUA's) with gnupg and pgp? Esp. secure passphase
> > handling and calling conventions. I'm currently re-working KMail's
> > interface to
> GPGME is propably the solution.
<snip> Is it ready for production yet? Will it be binary compatible within minor revision numbers? Does it support PGP? If one of the questions' answers is 'no', then we can't use gpgme (yet). We would love to get rid of the interface coding for various PGP/GPG versions, but if this means that we need to depend on an ever-changing lib which doesn't support PGP, we can't do it. What I really need is some example code for "how to do it right". Not only for gnupg, but also for pgp. I'll have a look at some of the stuff listed under "frontend" on the gnupg homepage, but someone could point me to a specific frontend that "does it right", I'd be very thankful. Marc -- Marc Mutz <>