key problems

Tue Jun 19 02:45:01 2001

hi GPGers,

i have a key, which GPG reports as follows:

pub  1024D/A8FA196E  created: 2001-05-07 expires: 2002-06-17 trust: f/u
sub  2048g/E93FAECE  created: 2001-05-07 expires: 2002-06-17
(1)  Martin F. Krafft <>
(2). MaD dUCK <>
(3)  [revoked] Martin F. Krafft (MaD dUCK) <>

however, whenever i sign someone else's key, my name appears as "MaD
dUCK" -- i guess that's why there is a '.' after the (2) in the
listing above.

is there any way to change that so that (1) is the main name of the
key, and (2) only an alternate user ID?

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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