key problems

Waldemar Brodkorb Waldemar Brodkorb <>
Thu Jun 21 01:15:02 2001

Hello MaD,

* MaD dUCK wrote:

> is there any way to change that so that (1) is the main name of the
> key, and (2) only an alternate user ID?
Yes: ------------------------------------------------------------------- On Tue, 1 May 2001, Waldemar Brodkorb wrote:
> Is it possible to change the primary uid?
We can't yet set the primary key id flag. I think this ugly workaround should help: 1. Make a local copy of your public and your secret key. (use --export and --export-secret-key) 2. Use deluid to remove all non-primary user IDs 3. Use expire to change the expiration time of the main key 4. Save 5. Optional: Edit key again and change expiration time back to the old value. 6. Wait one second (in case you are using a script) 6. Use --import --allow-secret-key-import to import your backup public and secret key from step 1 again. The newer signatures should take precedence over the ones from the backup key and therefore you have one user ID with a newer timestamp and in absence of a primary key flag, this one will count as primary key. I have not tested this and I know that it is ugly. The plan is to have a self-signature update capability per user ID which can the be used to change such things. This will probably not update the timestamp of the self-signature but just set it one second ahead. I am not sure on this point, though. Werner --------------------------------------------------------------------- cya Waldemar -- It's naive to assume that just installing a firewall is going to protect you from all potential security threat. That assumption creates a false sense of security, and having a false sense of security is worse than having no security at all. -- Kevin Mitnick