import PGP7.04 secret key to GPG 1.06

Gordon Worley
Tue Jun 19 16:57:01 2001

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At 1:56 PM +0200 6/19/01, Daniele Russolillo wrote:

>I've updated my Windows PGP version to 7.04...the question is I've been
>using linux since 2 months and now I really love it, I'm slowly but
>definitely "migrating" to GNU/Linux, at least 60% of my job (master
>graduating in electrical eng...) is now done on my new linux box...
>so I'd want to import my PGP secret key to GPG so that i can do
>anything from linux....I tried the opposite scenario, is this one
Yes, here's what to do. Open up PGP. Select the key that you want. Then, choose export from the Key menu, I think. While exporting there should be two checkboxes: one for include secret key and another about compatibility with 6.x versions. You need to check both. Then, just copy that file over an import it into GnuPG. Also, if it doesn't work the first time, you may need to fix the line endings on your file to be line feeds instead of line feeds and carriage returns. - -- Gordon Worley PGP Fingerprint: C462 FA84 B811 3501 9010 20D2 6EF3 77F7 BBD3 B003 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 7.0.3 for non-commercial use <> iQA/AwUBOy9n9G7zd/e707ADEQI3AACgjLaIpA+sHa68FTTf0zouOXKxCAQAoNtD Y6hZCLZCxEOnfro7KVdS+KY0 =dLgT -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----