import PGP7.04 secret key to GPG 1.06

Daniele Russolillo
Tue Jun 19 17:05:01 2001

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On/Il giorno: Tuesday 19 June 2001 16:55, you wrote/hai scritto:

> Yes, here's what to do. Open up PGP. Select the key that you want.
> Then, choose export from the Key menu, I think. While exporting
> there should be two checkboxes: one for include secret key and
> another about compatibility with 6.x versions. You need to check
> both.
Hi Gordon! I did it, read my new mail about it...but it doen't seem to work...
> Then, just copy that file over an import it into GnuPG. Also,
> if it doesn't work the first time, you may need to fix the line
> endings on your file to be line feeds instead of line feeds and
> carriage returns.
Everything seems to be ok about file..formatting...I tell yuo again, try to read my next post about's strange, ain't it? Tnx..
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