So, Seriously

Werner Koch
Fri Jun 22 10:36:01 2001

 || On 21 Jun 2001 19:48:33 -0700
 || Evan Prodromou <> wrote: 

 ep> P.S. The delete-and-reimport method sucks! I'll live with having
 ep> another primary UID for now.

The whole story behind the dot after the user ID is to tell you which
user ID GnuPG thinks is the primary one.  OpenPGP has no clear
definition on what a primary user ID is and actually there is no need for
it.  The changes introduced with gnupg 1.0.5 are that gpg has now a
well-defined behaviour on which user ID to display as the first one.
I have checked with the NAI folks so that we use the same algorithm to
determine the user ID displayed first.

I am sorry, that there is no way to change it yet.


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