HOWTO on interfacing with gnupg/pgp?

Werner Koch
Tue Jun 26 14:44:01 2001

 || On Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:41:31 +0200
 || Marc Mutz <> wrote: 

 mm> restricted to this engine; in fact it is planned to add other backends 
 mm> to it. 
 mm> ---

 mm> Pay esp. attention to the last sentence.

It _might_ happen that S/MIME will become the commonly used standard.
So we are prepared for this.

 mm> What if we ship a KDE-2.3 which requires the then-current gpgme. Will 
 mm> that one (in three or four months from now) be ready for "production 
 mm> quality secret keys"?

I am one of those programmers without a deadline.  There are only 2
ways to be sure that things move ahead: I must be interested[1] in it or
someone pays for it ;-)

Anyway I know that there are a lot of libraries out which would claim
similar things.

 mm> What if we port our current pgp interfacing to be a backend to gpgme? 
 mm> Will this code be accepted for inclusion or do we have to maintain it 

No, I won't add this code.  However there is no reason to change
anything in GPGME.  There is already a function to tell it where the
backend binary lives.  Backends are supposed to have a GnuPG like
command line interface.  Writing a wrapper should not be that problem,



[1] I am currently interested in improving Sylpheed and
Mailgcrypt/gpg.el. But they are not to different from Kmail ;-)

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