AW: Loss Of Primary Key
Wed Jun 27 08:30:01 2001

Hi Ali...

...your secret key should still be there. Try this:

gpg --list-secret

With this option, gnuPG shows you its private keys!


-- Original Nachricht --

>Hi All
> We created a private-public key pair as a part of our project
>for encryption. We sent the public key to second party. That party sent
>us their public key. We imported the public key using "gpg --import
><keyname>". But then when we listed the available keys using "gpg
>--list-keys" our private key was missing. We had created the key with
>default option i.e. never expiry.
> Can we have any idea that how the key could have been deleted
>from the system. Key was made from root login so that any other can not
>tamper with the key ring.
>Ajay Bansal
>ext 6191
>Infosys - Mohali
>ph: 0172 - 254191
>Gnupg-users mailing list
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