Loss Of Primary Key

Felix Hagemann fx@coop-x.de
Wed Jun 27 09:52:02 2001

"Ajay Bansal" <Ajay_Bansal@infy.com> writes:

> We created a private-public key pair as a part of our project
> for encryption. We sent the public key to second party. That party sent
> us their public key. We imported the public key using "gpg --import
> <keyname>". But then when we listed the available keys using "gpg
> --list-keys" our private key was missing. We had created the key with
> default option i.e. never expiry.
Your secret key is probably right where it should be: Try `gpg --list-secret-keys' instead. And please check the manpages for more info. HTH, Fx -- Hear your drummer!