Windows 2000 crash

James Briant
Wed Jun 27 14:12:02 2001

running: gpg --gen-key

The latest version (1.0.6) that i downloaded today crashed on windows 2000
in advapi32.dll
"The instruction at 0x77db5bbc referenced memory at 0x38."


ADVAPI32! 77db5bbc()
ADVAPI32! 77db83ec()
ADVAPI32! 77db837e()
ADVAPI32! 77db8455()
GPG! 00467829()
GPG! 0045a10a()
GPG! 00459fd6()
GPG! 00459dbd()
GPG! 00459519()
GPG! 00459408()
GPG! 00424b86()
GPG! 004249d0()
GPG! 00441625()
GPG! 00442a04()
GPG! 00406094()
GPG! 00401074()
KERNEL32! 77e992a6()

It does this just after I type in my passphrase, at which point it says
"gpg: NOTE: you should run 'diskperf -y' to enable the disk statistics" and
then falls over.